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Bicycle History 18

Proceedings, 18th International Cycling History Conference

Format: 8½ x 11 in. hardcover
Description: 160 pages with 100 black & white illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-892495-62-4
Price: US$50
The latest volume in our series of Proceedings of the International Cycling History Conferences. Included are all the papers presented at the 18th Conference, August 2007 in Tampere, Finland.

Proceedings of the 18th International Cycling History Conference, held in Tampere, Finland

Table of Contents

Mikko Kylliäinen:Student Cap or Felt Hat? The Image of Early Finnish Cyclists 1869—1890
Tiina Männistö-Funk: The Role of Gender In Finnish Cycling Before World War II
Sheila Hanlon: At the Sign of the Butterfly, The Mowbray House Cycling Association (presented at preceding 17th ICHC)
Thomas Burr: National Cycle Organizations in Britain, France, and the United States, 1875–1905
Volker Briese: Children as Bicycle Passengers
Nick Clayton: William Blood’s Dublin Tricycle
Keizo Kobayashi: The Numbers on Michaux Velocipedes, Serial Number or Front Wheel Size?
Hans-Erhard Lessing: Adolph Schoeninger, the Henry Ford of the Bicycle Industry?
Stephen Ransom: The Monocycle—its Early History
Michael Grützner: The Chainless Bicycle Craze in Germany Around 1900
Simon Jackson: Boxing Kangaroos on Wheels, Australian Design Education, Sporting Heritage, and National Identity
Scotford Lawrence & Lorne Shields: “JW”and his Ride to London, c. 1875
Nicholas Oddy: Two Boys and a Bicycle, A Scottish Cycle-Theme Painting and its Context
Roger Street: Royalty, Wild Animals, and the Pedestrian Hobby-Horse
Les Bowerman: The Mystery of the Guildford Cycling Club and Cup
Gunnar Svartengren: Early Bicycle Manufacturers in Sweden and Their Connections With Competitive Cycling
Ville Laamanen: The Baltic Sea Friendship Race 1986—1989, A Unique Effort in the History of Finnish Bicycle Racing
Annemarie Driver & Leon Arundel: Early Cycle-Touring in Australia
Markku Lahtinen: An Amphibian Trike’s Baltic Sea Crossing
John Green: Gerard Francis Cobb, a Champion of the Cause of 19th Century Bicycling Brian Rosenberg:
The Border-to-Border Race and the Fame of “Supergrandpa”



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