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Manufactured Homes: The Buyer’s Guide

How to Realize Your Dream in a Manufactured Home
Steven V. Taylor

Format: 6 x 9 inch trade paperback
Description: 144 pages with 75 black & white photographs and other illustrations
ISBN: 1-892495-42-2
Price: US$14.95
  • What is different in today’s manufactured homes
  • The way they are built
  • Choosing a brand and a dealer
  • Selecting the best floor plan for your needs
  • Finding a site and customizing your manufactured home
  • Listings of manufacturers, state agencies, and manufacturer associations
  • Checklists and comparison charts
  • How to finance your manufactured home
  • And much more…


A comprehensive guide to manufactured homes for anyone contemplating buying a new home

About the book

Manufactured homes have been improving in their quality and appeal to mainstream home buyers. They offer a way to affordable luxury at a price that is dramatically lower than can be achieved with site-built construction methods. But there is still a big gap in knowledge about these homes, even amongst realtors and others involved in selling these products.

This book was written to bring you "up to speed" on all subjects relating to these homes. Written in an easy-to-follow style, it explains every aspect of the home construction and buying process — from selecting a suitable floorplan right up to placing the home on a suitable site and adding custom features.

About the author

When author Steven Taylor retired after a career in the music and entertainment industry, he decided to devote the next few years to writing a book helping the consumer buy a "big-ticket" item. He soon realized that the subject of manufactured homes was the one practically crying out for this treatment. He spent several years becoming thoroughly familiar with all aspects of the subject, both from the industry’s perspective and from that of the buyer. The expertise he gained landed him what he himself refers to as a "very nice" job with one of the major manufacturers. He now lives in Bethune, NC.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. The History of Manufactured Homes

Building Them Safer and Better
HUD’s Manufactured Home Construction Standards

3. How Good Are Manufactured Homes?

The Way They Are Built
The T-Frame
AC/Heating Registers
Electrical Wiring
Decks, Porches, Etc.
Options For Your Home

4. Understanding Warranties

6. Selecting a Floor Plan

Single-Wide Floor Plans
Double-Wide Floor Plans
Triple-Wide, Quadruple-Wide, and 2-Story Floor Plans

7. Financing Your Home

How’s Your Credit?
How Much Do You Need to Earn?

How Much Will You Actually Pay?
What Type of Loan Should You Apply For?

8. Where To Put Your Manufactured Home

Foundation and Site Preparation

9. Before You Buy

How Much Do Homes Cost?
What Else Will You Pay For?

10. Shopping For Your Home

What’s the Difference Between Homes?
And The Winner Is…

11. The Closing

Customizing Your Home

Appendix A: Getting Help with Your Manufactured Home

Appendix B: Checklists and Charts


From the contents

Kitchen in a modern manufactured home.


The way they're built. An insulated roof section being lifted int position.


A 2-story manufactured home