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Chances Are...

Your Winning Blackjack Strategy
by Matt Summers

Format: 6 x 9 inches, trade paperback
Description: 144 pages with 20 illustrations
ISBN: ISBN 1-892495-29-5
Price: US$14.95
  • On average, the house always wins—so don’t be average
  • You can win—without counting cards
  • How to size up the situation quickly
  • Develop a winning strategy for the cards you hold
  • Calculate specific odds with every combination of cards
  • Understanding the percentages
  • How to stay in control of your game

Don't be average: learn to work with percentages and put them to your advantage.

About the book

In casinos and card rooms, blackjack is probably the most popular card game. For good reason, because a skilled player can turn the tables on the house, overcoming the house’s advantage with intelligent strategy. Chances Are... shows how to develop that winning strategy.

Chances Are... introduces the concept of "percentage expectations," a unique process with a set of simple rules with which you can quickly determine what is the next move to give you the most favorable chances. No, you won’t win every game, but you will significantly improve your winning ratio to the point where you will regularly come home with more money than you left with.

About the author

Matt Summers has been making his living as a professional card player for many years. When he started to play blackjack, he was fascinated to figure out that none of the existing strategies, including counting cards, worked right for him, or for most other players. He set to work to develop a comprehensive set of rules based on games actually played and came up with his unique concept of "percentage expectations," which he shares with his readers in Chances Are....

Table of Contents
 1. Introduction 7

2. Basic Beliefs and Fallacies of the Game 12

3. Card Counting — Does It Work? 16

4. Plastic Cards 21

5. Finding the Right Table 24

6. Surrender? 29

7. Blackjack Etiquette 31

8. Explanation of Percentages 35

9. Introduction to the Game 37

10. The Basis of Percentage Playing 43

11. How Percentage Expectation Works 50

12. Percentage Play — Section One 54

13. Percentage Play — Section Two 60

14. Percentage Play — Section Three 65

15. Percentage Play — Section Four 70
 16. Percentage Play — Section Five 75

17. The Mother-in-Law Hand: 17 80

18. Money Matters 81

19. Percentage Expectation on Splitting Pairs 89

20. Splitting 10s — A Comprehensive Look 98

21. Percentage Expectation on Doubling Down 103

22. Hitting and Doubling Down on Soft Count Hands 107

23. Is Blackjack Skill or Luck? 113

24. Cheating 115

25. “Spanish 21” 120

26. Let the Dealer Break 123

27. Explanation of Strategy Chart 125

28. Closing Remarks 127

Appendix 131
Glossary 141
Bibliography 142
Index 143


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