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Manufactured Home Financing

How to get the best deal on the planet for financing your manufactured home
by Tony Evans

Format: 6 x 9 inch trade paperback
Description: 144 pages with tables, glossary of terms, and index
ISBN: 1-892495-45-7
Price: US$14.95

NEW: Available 25 August 2004
  • All about financing
  • The best deals are outside the Metro Areas.
  • How to qualify
  • What to do and what to avoid to qualify
  • Dealing with the application process
  • Listings of state agencies
  • Checklists and interest tables
  • And much moreÖ


A comprehensive guide to financing for anyone contemplating buying a new or used manufactured home

About the book

Manufactured homes have are increasingly popular as an affordable option in housing. But often, it's "impossible" to obtain favorable financing. There's a federally sponsored program available that can help you get the best loan in the industry, and this book shows you how to apply for those funds, as well as giving a summary of home financing as it applies to manufactured housing in general.

About the author

Tony Evans is a long-time loan officer and real estate broker who has helped numerous manufactured home buyers get a good deal on financing. His contributions on the subject have been published in  real estate and mortgage banking trade publications. He lives in San Luis Obispo, California.

Table of Contents


 1. Itís on a Need to Know Basis, and You Need to Know

 2. The Quality of New Manufactured Homes

 3. The Good News and the Bad News About Financing
                Manufactured Homes

 4. Beating the Mortgage Loan System

 5. Dealing With Dealers and Salespeople

 6. How Much Money do You Need?

 7. Financing Your Home, Land, and Improvements

 8. Starting Off on the Right Foot

 9. What Are You Waiting For?

10. Resources for Manufactured Home Buyers

11. Finding a Rural Housing Approved Lender and Dealer

12. An Inside Look at Financing Loans

13. The Money Trail: Financing Comparison

14. After the Loan Closes and itís Your Home, Then What?

15. Important Forms and Documents

16. Process Checklist

17. Do You Speak Computer?

18. Wrapping It Up

Appendix: Glossary


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